Adding locations to a Garmin watch

Adding locations to a Garmin watch

Many Garmin users have asked me similar questions whether something is possible or not so I will start to address step-by-step some of those question. One questions that have been asked several times is: “How can I quickly add any location to my saved locations”?

Adding Locations

If you are a Garmin Fenix user, this is really simply. All you have to do is:

  • Go to Garmin Connect IQ store and download and install the app named Sendpoints
  • On your laptop of mobile device go to the following URL: ; you will see a blank screen with a box in the middle that reads “Freddy’s sandwitches”. Click on the box with “Freddy’s sandwitches” and type in there the name or address of the location you want to find.
  • You will see a list of suggestions appearing. Do NOT hit enter but instead select the address that you want to go to. The map will then be displayed.
  • Click send; a number will now appear on you screen
  • On your watch press the application button top right; You will see the list of activities such as running, cycling, swimming, ……If you scroll down, you will find the sendpoint application. Select this
  • Enter the number that your laptop / computer or mobile showed you

Voila! Now the location is stored on your watch.


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